Bankless Times: Transpay preaches iteration and agile design to keep pace with customer demands

LAS VEGAS, Nev. – In today’s business climate a company has to be prepared to constantly iterate.

If you wait for a darn-out waterfall release of a product, the opportunity may be lost. While you are tinkering in the lab, your competition is out in the community grabbing your clients and adjusting on the fly.

You may think you have the perfect product and the ultimate design but your customers tell you otherwise, so back to the lab you go to adjust again, while your competition sews up even more of your customer base.

If you are in business, best learn quickly that customers expect constant changes and improvements to a product. Thanks to social media they can easily give feedback, which companies receive and compile faster than ever.

Be adaptable. The easiest way is to ask your customers what they want then build it.

Transpay is a global B2B/B2P cross border payments platform. Its technology enables instant transfers in local currencies across an independent proprietary network to a bank account or pickup location.That is what Transpay did a few years ago, Senior Vice President Nagarajan Rao told me at this fall’s Money20/20 conference in Las Vegas.

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